How to See How Many Times Someone Clicks a Link on Your WordPress Post

Say you’ve got some important link and you really want to know how many times it gets clicked.

Maybe you do affiliate marketing and want to compare what the affiliate company is seeing vs. what you’re actually getting in clicks. Or you have a link to your Contact page or some other important part of your site, and aren’t ready to get into the whole Google Analytics tracking thing. Lucky for you, there’s a very easy way to make this happen.

It’s called Easy Link Tracker and it’s a free plugin for WordPress.

screenshot of easy link tracker installer in wordpress
Download the plugin from

Download and install the plugin to your WP site, or install it automatically via WordPress > Plugins > Add New.

Once it’s installed, you’ll get a new menu item in the left side black navigation bar of WordPress called Easy Link. Hover over that and click Add New Link.

screenshot of Easy Link add new link page
Adding an easy link is as easy as pie.

Give the new link a title, which is just for your reference on the backend, and type or paste the link into the Redirect to URL field. Publish the new link via the blue Publish button.

Next, click Edit next to the Permalink field, which is just beneath the title. This is optional, but you can shorten the name of the link that you’ll then use for tracking.

showing how to edit the link url

After you’re done editing this, click Ok or if you didn’t edit it, you can go back to the main Easy Link page by clicking Easy Link in the left hand navigation.

From this page, you can copy the new URL, and view all of your links and how many times they’ve been downloaded.

Best of all, this plugin doesn’t add any overhead to the front end of your site. No additional Javascript or CSS, nada!

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