How to Upload and Link to a PDF in WordPress

So you’ve got a PDF and you’re just dying to get someone to download it. Well, first you’ve got to get it up there on that there Internet all of the kids are talking about these days. How can we make it happen? Is this another one of those secrets the Bush family has been keeping alongside their secret bean recipe all of the years?

Anyway, enough award winning comedy, here’s the straightforward:

  1. In WordPress, edit a Page or a Post that you want to add a PDF to.
  2. On the editor screen, click Add Media. the add media button in WordPress
  3. You can now drag and drop a PDF (or any other file WordPress is okay with uploading), or click Upload Files and then Select Files to choose via the old fashioned desktop browser.
  4. After the file uploads, you’ll see some information to the right where you can edit some fields. screenshot of the right column where you can edit a file's info
  5. Now you can click the Insert into Post button below that column. You’ll get something like this if you’re in Text mode:
    <a href="">my-pdf</a>
  6. Edit the my-pdf bit to any text you’d like.

Voila! PDF downloads for days!

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