How to Include a Password Field in a User Notification with Gravity Forms

So you’ve got Gravity Forms running on your site, and the User Registration Add-on installed. Maybe you’re allowing users to create their accounts via a front end form where you have them fill out various additional fields to what WordPress supplies by default.

You want to disable default notifications sent by WordPress, and you’re going to setup your own custom notification to the user. I’ll assume you know how to do all of that, but if there’s interest in learning how, hit me up in the comments.

Anyway, on the Notifications screen, Gravity Forms doesn’t just give you the option to include a password by default. But you can still include it.

  1. First, go back into the form editor and make a note of the ID of the field. See the screenshot below for where to grab the ID.
    screenshot of a password field edit panel in Gravity Forms
    Note the ID of this field is 7, as listed near the top left of the image.
  2. Now go back into your Notifications. Enter {Password:7} wherever you want to display the password. And remember to change the “7” with whatever the ID of the field was from the previous step.

That’s it! You’re all set for creating some amazing notification emails.

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