Make a Reverse Character Counter like on Twitter

partial screenshot of the box you compose Tweets in on Twitter You know how on Twitter there’s a countdown from 140 to 0 that happens as you type? See the screenshot here if you don’t know what I’m talking about, but essentially it allows you to see how many characters you have left before hitting the maximum, which in Twitter’s case is 140.

Ever wanted to make something like that? Here’s how you can do it with jQuery:

$('textarea#tweet').keyup(function() {
var cs = $(this).val().length;
var cl = 140-cs;
if (cl < 0) { $('#charcount').addClass('negative-numbers'); } if (cl > 0) {

That assumes you’ve got a textarea with an ID of “tweet” and a div somewhere else on the page with an ID of “charcount”. It also adds the “negative-numbers” class, which I use to style the numbers red once they’ve reached 0 or go into negative numbers.

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