CSS3 Transitions on Open Networking User Group

I’ll keep this short in an attempt not to bombard this typically code and design tips related blog with a bunch of “hey check out my work” stuff, but about a month ago the Open Networking User Group’s website was launched.

The site is powered by WordPress and some custom Stripe & Registration add-ons for Gravity Forms, as well as a private BBPress forum for users to discuss topics outside of the general public’s eye, but what I might love most about it is the simple fade in transitions that appear when you visit the homepage for the first time.

screenshots of the website on desktop and mobile
The Open Networking User Group website. Upon first visit to the homepage, the date, location and more fade in.

I just set a short and sweet cookie on the homepage so that the user only has to watch the animation once, but it’s one of those nice little touches that keep new visitors sticking around for the meat and potatoes.

If you haven’t been there yet, check it out.

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