How to Create Plain Text Email Notifications with Gravity Forms

A couple of comments on this post were asking how to format Gravity Forms Notifications so that they have no HTML. This is pretty simple, and so this isn’t really a tutorial as much as just a “Yep, confirmed that this method works” kind of thing.

If you want HTML-free notifications out of Gravity Forms, all you need to do is:

  1. Go into the Notifications area of your form (click Forms in WordPress, click on the Form you want, hover over Settings and then choose Notifications
  2. Set the first several fields up however you’d like, we’re focusing on the Messages area here. Delete the default {all_fields} and then type in anything you want. You can use the little dropdown box button to the right to add field info, but for the purposes of this post none of that matters, you can enter whatever you’d like.
  3. Save and you’re good to go.
screenshot of Gravity Forms message field in Settings > notiications
Here’s an example of some text every email should probably contain…

Inversely, you can add any new HTML you’d like here. You can use the form below to test this out, enter you actual email address and you’ll get the notification email and you can see it all plain text and whatnot. This is purely a courtesy, I won’t be collecting your email address or using it for anything, though as per Gravity Forms default functionality it will be stored in my database.

Plain Text Email Test

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