Web Designers, Push Yourselves! Then Thank Your Peers

I’ve got some really kick ass sites coming out of the ol’ Web Design woodshop here in the next few weeks. Sites that go beyond what I would consider “normal” and push the limits of what browsers and code can do these days.

Sites where, during the design phase where I am just putting everything together in Photoshop and supplying the clients with jpgs for review, I’m promising things that I’ve never done before…and then left to actually implement them.

All without plugins. All without grabbing code from other sites to re-use as necessary. Written from scratch, image-heavy, beautiful websites that tell stories and make things happen for their owners.

Looking forward to showing them off!

It’s part of a larger trend of my work over the past year or so. I’ve moved ever more away from “just being” a designer who knows HTML, CSS and WordPress, and more into the realm of Web Designer and Developer.

Many thanks to the community for helping me get there. I’ve never been officially schooled in web design or programming, I’m completely self-taught, but in this field, “self-taught” means, “I learned a lot from the web.”

And that’s amazing. There aren’t many other fields where this could happen. A would-be mechanic can’t just walk into a professional garage and ask to have a look at what they’re doing. While internships are available in many fields, they require dedicated time going to specific businesses and seeing how that particular business gets it done. With the web, you can read a dozen blogs, view source on a hundred sites. It’s abso-fabsolute and I do mean it when I say thank you.

Looking for some guiding light? While I’m flattered you read this here Web Design Blog, you’ll definitely want to look into some of my go to resources for information around the web as well:

Thanks again, fellas.

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