Recurring Discounts for Woocommerce Subscriptions

I’ve covered everything one might need to know about the default setup for coupons in Woocommerce before, but a commenter over there couldn’t figure out how to setup recurring discounts for the Subscriptions plugin / add on to everyone’s favorite e-commerce platform.

Firstly, you’ll need the Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Once you’ve purchased, installed and activated that plugin, go to Woocommerce > Coupons.

In the dropdown list, you’ll now have four more choices:

screenshot showing additional choices for Woocommerce coupons
You can now offer discounts on the signup fees or monthly subscription fees.

Though they’re somewhat self-explanatory, let’s review them quickly:

Sign Up Fee Discount
A specific dollar amount off of any associated signup fees you may have with your subscriptions.
Sign Up Fee % Discount
Same as above, but instead of a fixed amount (like $10 or $5.99) you’ll give them a percentage off, such as 50% off.
Recurring Discount
A set amount (such as $1 or $99.99) off of the monthly subscription fee they pay.
Recurring % Discount
A percentage–such as 30%–off of their monthly subscription fee.


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