Redesign Project:

Longtime client Dave Michels of approached me earlier this year for a redesign.

We created a WordPress site together a few years back, when he wanted to move away from Blogger to a more customized site. While that project involved some advanced techniques for its time, and has contributed to a growth of the site by around 200% all around since then.

This time around, the redesign was all about moving from a strictly blog aspect, to a more professional site where Dave could show off the services he provides and generally present the site as not only a vast source of information on Enterprise Communications (and growing content on the Internet of Things), but make it instantly clear what professional services he offers as well.

The result?

screenshots of the 2016 redesign website redesign

Like all of my sites, responsive design, rich snippets, lean, error free code and SEO best practices baked right into the behind the scenes code. Performance-wise?

Straight As with GTMetrix. 92% faster than the rest of the web according to Pingdom.

GTmetrix stats on's homepage, straight As
Straight As on the home page as judged by
GTmetrix stats on's blog page, nearly straight As
Near straight As on a blog page that loads hundreds of posts within a short time, provides jQuery filtering tools, and has a similar number of images. It’s all in how you load them. 🙂
Pingdom scores for
Pingdom scores for

Additional aspects of the project were importing external posts that Dave is a part of, from other sites where he participates in podcasts and written content, so that it displays properly on his own site, but links back to the original post (avoiding duplicate content info), while still allowing this information to be used in RSS newsletter campaigns with no additional work.

We’ll keep an eye on the site over the next few months to tweak anything necessary to ensure we maximize the new design’s ability to continue growing the large readership that TalkingPointz enjoys.

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