Responsive Website Design

I haven’t updated my portfolio in a few months, the benefits of being a successful web designer who’s not only good looking but never has bad breath either I suppose. Or it could just be that my new undertaking, responsive web design means I’m a whole lot busier with sites these days.

I’ve completed a few sites which have responsive design built right in, and thought I’d do a quick showcase here so that the world could have one more blog post.

screenshot of showing photos, a feather, the logo

A website for my father-in-law’s side business. Be sure to check it out on both desktop and iPhones (or any other mobile device) to see the magic at work!

screenshot of

A website for a company that deals in a lift that attaches to your vehicle to haul around your power scooter (ie, power wheelchair).

These are only my first forays into using media queries to create websites with responsive design techniques. Some much larger projects are on the verge of release, check back often to see how this new way of making the web work better for people across multiple devices pans out.

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