How to Reverse the Order of Shipping Options in Woocommerce

By default, Woocommerce likes to show shipping option from most expensive to least. Weird. What if we want to show the cheapest option first, you know, because that’s probably what the customer would naturally want, right?

After some digging and learning a bit more PHP than I had previously known, I’ve discovered the answer. Without further ado, open up your theme’s version of review-order.php and find this line:

foreach ( $available_methods as $method ) {

That’s line 52 (as of Woocommerce and insert the following just above it:

How to Re-order Shipping Options in Woocommerce

sort($available_methods, SORT_NUMERIC);

Now the options will be shown least expensive / cheapest first!

Would be real swell if this was just an option in Woocommerce though.

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