How to See All Woocommerce Variations on Your WordPress Site

If you create “variable products” in Woocommerce, that is, products that have options, like t-shirts that are available in small, medium and large as well as red, green and blue, you can view these by going into a product and then finding the Product data box, clicking the Variations tab and looking at them there.

But what if you just want to see all of the variations on your site, like you can easily get a list of all Pages or Posts from within WP Admin?

First, some quick terminology. Pages, Posts and Products in WordPress are what are called “post types.” They’re just different ways of categorizing content in the database, really. Variations in Woocommerce are simply child posts of the Product post type. To see a list of them all, just go into WordPress and click on Products in the left navigation bar. You’ll see a menu like so:

products navigation in woocommerce

Now, in your browser’s address bar, you’ll see something like this:

Note the highlighted part. Change that so it reads product_variation like so:

That will take you to a list of all product variations. Enjoy!

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