Simple Mailchimp Widget for WordPress

I wanted a very lightweight widget I could provide my clients to use with widgetized areas on their WordPress sites. There are a ton of them out there, but I wanted one in particular that didn’t add any overhead to a website if it wasn’t being used.


  • All the features of the Mailchimp Widget for WordPress Plugin.
  • Additionally, it doesn’t load any scripts if the plugin is not actively being used on the site, or if a visitor has already subscribed (in which case, the plugin doesn’t show up anymore), it won’t load any unnecessary scripts either.

Download the Plugin (ZIP, 344kb)

Why not just use the original plugin?

I don’t want to load a bunch of scripts (including jQuery), if they’re not necessary. It slows down your site, and people like fast, not slow. This isn’t a rocking chair on a front porch after all, it’s the web, and Google uses page speed as one factor when determining where your site will show up in search rankings. I also made some minimal improvements to how scripts are called to fall in line with WordPress coding standards.

This plugin is based on Mailchimp Widget for WordPress, and altered via the GPL license included with the original plugin.

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