About “Slides”, Custom WordPress Functionality for Clients of ClickNathan.com

This is a post intended for clients of ClickNathan.com. While you may find the information below useful, as it generally applies to WordPress, there may be information involving customized aspects of WordPress that aren’t out-of-the-box features. It was written for WordPress v. 3.3.1.

screen grab of the Slides navigation menu in WordPress
ClickNathan Slides Custom Post Type navigation menu

If your website has a slider on it (see the front page of clicknathan.com for an example), you will have a navigation area in your WordPress administrative area that looks like the image to the right. You can use this area to create new slides and manage or delete old ones.

How to Create a Slide

  1. Click Slides > Add New in WordPress.
  2. Give the slide a title using the first field on that page. If your slides include text (ie, isn’t just an image slider), this field will be populated on the front end of your website. If your slides are image only, this is simply for reference in the backend when viewing the Slides > Slides administrative area.
  3. Click the Set Featured Image which will display the Upload/Insert popover / modal box. You can use this to upload the image for your slide. You will have received the dimensions for each of your slides in your Beta How To document, refer to those for the minimum dimensions of the file that you should upload. WordPress will automatically create the correctly sized version of the image from the file you upload, but it must be at least the minimum dimensions when you upload it.
  4. In the Publish box you can set a few parameters, but the primary function here you’ll likely ever want to use is the Publish … setting with the little calendar icon beside it. If you set this to sometime in the future, the slide will not appear on the site until that date and time.
  5. Click the blue Publish button to save the slide and put it live to the front end of your website.
The number of slides that are shown on your site is predetermined, and you’ll be informed of that number in your Beta How To document. Once you reach the maximum number, if you create a new slide, the oldest slide will no longer be visible.
If you have any other fields here, they will be explained on screen as to what they do with your particular website, as all client sites have different requirements and needs.

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