Uploading Files to WordPress and Getting Their URLs

WordPress has great support for uploading images and other files and inserting them into Pages or Posts, but sometimes you just want to upload a file so you can use it elsewhere on the web.

This isn’t all that difficult either. Here I’ll walk you through how to upload an image via the Media section, and then get the URL of the image.

screenshot of the media uploader navigation item in WordPress
Figure 1

Firstly, login to WordPress and click the Media tab in the left navigation (see Figure 1).

Next, click Add New near the top of the page or underneath the Media item in the left navigation.

From there, drag and drop files from your desktop to that dotted line area (see Figure 2), or click Select Files to locate a file via the more traditional means.

a screenshot of the WordPress media uploader
Figure 2

Once your file is uploaded, you’ll see a small thumbnail, the filename, and an Edit link below the uploader box. Click Edit.

Look in the Save box near the top right for the File URL field (see Figure 3). It should look something like this: http://yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/logo11w.png. Copy the entire contents of that box and you now have your complete file URL.

screenshot of the file editor interface in WordPress
Figure 3

You’ve now got the URL of your file and can use it as you’d like across the web!

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