Vector Facebook Like Button Photoshop File (.PSD)

The following post has been updated to reflect the new, all blue style Facebook button.

Does a day go by that we designers don’t need to incorporate the omnipresent Facebook Like button into one of our designs?

And it’s not always as easy as visiting the Like buttons setup page and doing a quick screen grab, we’ve got varying backgrounds to consider. Or perhaps you need a scalable version of the Like button to use on print materials or for larger web graphics?

Well, I’ve got you covered. No more screenshot cut and paste calamity, just download the following PSD:

Download the Vector Facebook Like Button (ZIP, 98kb)

Yes, it’s a PSD, but it’s built completely in shapes.

Looking for the old version of the Like button? I’ve got that here.

I’ve also got a vector Google + button and one for Twitter, too!

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