How to Setup Wootickets for the Events Calendar

I’m not going to cover setting up the Wootickets add-on for the Events Calendar plugin in its entirety here, they’ve got plenty of documentation on that at the website. What I will cover today though is how you can use this setup to create recurring events and charge for them, such as you might want to do if you’re teaching a six week class.

Currently, the documentation states that they don’t yet support recurring events, but we can get around that.

What we’ll be doing here is:

  1. Learning how to setup a recurring event that lasts for a certain amount of time.
  2. Learning how to get ticket sales setup so that people can only purchase them once / class (in our case, one class = 6 weeks of recurring events) and only before the class begins.
  3. Reviewing the user experience on the front end.

You’ll need:

  1. A running installation of WordPress
  2. Events Calendar, Events Calendar Pro, WooTickets (all available from and Woocommerce. Some of those cost money.

Setting Up a Recurring Event

First thing’s first, go to Events > Add New in WordPress.

Create your event. If you’ve never created one before, you might want to take a look at this post on using Events Calendar.

Now let’s make the event recurring. In the Event Time & Date section, choose “Weekly” from the Recurrence dropdown.

Next, enter a date six weeks into the future for the recurrence to end. That way, the event will last six weeks, giving us our six week “class”. Go to Events > Events in WordPress and you’ll see them all listed out.

screenshot of events listing page in WordPress
After completing the steps above, I can see all six of my recurring events that make up my six-week class.

Now that you’ve got a recurring event, lets look into how to charge for it.

Charging for Our “Class”

On the website, it states that currently the plugin doesn’t support recurring classes. And it is a bit funky, but if you follow these steps you can get it configured perfectly.

From the main Events listing page, click on the first occurrence of our class, which is actually the bottom one in the list (the one with the earliest date.)

  1. Go into the first of your recurring events.
  2. Scroll down to the Tickets area.
  3. The Ticket Name field will appear as the actual product name. If you’re familiar with Woocommerce, what you’re actually doing here is creating a product.
  4. Give it a description, which will show up when purchasing the ticket as well.
  5. Set the Price of the entire class. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re not selling individual tickets to each of the six classes, we’re selling one ticket to all of them.
  6. Next, set the End sale field to the day you want to stop selling tickets. This could be one day before the event begins, a few weeks before, or even after the first event (though people will still have to pay full price for the ticket to all six classes with this setup).
  7. You can set the Stock if you want and a SKU.

Click Update in the Publish box near the top right of the page and choose “Update All”.

Now users can buy that ticket from any of the recurring events displayed on the front end of your site, and no matter where they purchase the ticket from, they’ll reduce the entire stock of the tickets accordingly!

The Front End User Experience

Your new “class” will be displayed six times across the calendar. Users can click on any one of them to see a page which will display the ticket for sale (according to your theme, of course). Regardless of which of the individual recurrences the user purchases the ticket from, they’ll be buying the same thing: access to the entire six week course.

Let the lessons begin!

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