A Brief Stroll through WordPress

This post is intended for clients of ClickNathan.com and aims to serve as a walk through of how to use WordPress. Because I build every site to custom fit a particular client’s needs, the information below may not apply to you if you’re not one of my clients. Want to change that?

Your website is backed by the world’s most wonderful and powerful Content Management System, WordPress. When logging in for the first time, you very well may be a wee bit overwhelmed at everything before you…but fear not! Like a superhero telepath on his lunch break, I aim to save the day and fill your head with knowledge all at one time. So grab a sandwich, a cup of coffee or a workday beer and take an hour or so to follow along as I link you to each and every one of the tutorials I’ve created to help every ClickNathan.com client walk away from the experience a WordPress aficionado.

Additional Tutorials

Not every client will have this functionality, but for those of you who paid extra, here is more info on these particular items.

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