Why I Switched to WPEngine Reason #3: The Small Stuff

I no longer recommend WP Engine due to decreased support over the past year. Looking for fast, WordPress-specific managed hosting? Check out Flywheel.

For any developers out there thinking of switching to WPEngine from MediaTemple or any other host, and you’re all “is it worth it?”, “are they as great as everyone says?”, etc. let me show you one screenshot that sums up, to me, what these guys are all about:

screenshot of phpmyadmin from WPEngine showing a 500mib max upload for SQL files
Note the highlighted area…

I realize to most people that 500MiB doesn’t mean much, but to anyone who’s ever tried to transfer a large website from one database to another, that should have you smiling ear to ear.

And while I’ve never personally run into quite such a large database (and even if one were that size, it could likely be cleaned up significantly, unless your WordPress blog contains every verse of every Bible in every living language on Earth today), most hosts give you 3MiB max upload, MediaTemple even only gives you 10. If you’ve ever run into this problem and had to break out Terminal and learn how to gzip and mass search/replace content in MySQL, you’ll know that it’s the little things that WPEngine does that make all the difference.

Of course, ridiculously exceptional support and performance, the big stuff, doesn’t hurt either.

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