E-commerce with Woocommerce, WordPress & ClickNathan

Not every website needs to sell something online, but when an online store is a key part of what you’re trying to do with your website, you’re in luck.

Gone are the days of rummaging around through bulky systems just trying to manage inventory let alone add new products and work on selling more and tinkering with your website less. Whether you want the complete e-commerce experience for your customers or just want something simple like accepting donations, taking payments easily and securely is completely within reach these days.

Complete E-Commerce Solutions with Woocommerce

As I build all of my clients’ sites in WordPress, finding an e-commerce platform that works with WP has been a pursuit of mine for years. I’ve tried nearly all of them, and after years of testing, building and working with a myriad of options, I’ve landed on Woocommerce.

With my services and the Woocommerce platform, you can expect:

  1. Custom Design. There are some 20 million stores on the web today, but only 650,000 of those generate more than $1000 / year. Why? There are loads of reasons why an e-com store fails, not least of which is appeal. People want an easy experience when shopping. They want to find what they’re looking for, checkout easily, and enjoy the entire process. You can throw together an online store in a few hours on your own, but if you want it to actually make money, the site needs to be tailored both to your specific needs and to what your customers want. That’s where I come in.
  2. Lightning Fast Code. I don’t use prebuilt templates, every ounce of code on your site is generated by myself and combed over to ensure that it’s exactly what you need, and nothing extra. That means faster pageload times, which makes Google happy (pagespeed is a ranking factor in where you show up in Google’s search results these days) and your users even happier.
  3. Responsive Design. A fancy phrase we in the industry use to indicate that your site will work, and look just as good, on mobile devices as it will on laptops and desktops. Google also insists that sites be mobile-friendly if you want to show up in mobile searches these days.
  4. Complete Featureset. I take care of and make recommendations on everything from shipping to payment gateways to how to best handle taxes. Inventory, product images and galleries, descriptions, it’s all included. Sell a red XL t-shirt for $25 and the same shirt in blue medium for $20 if you’d like. Discount codes / coupons, user accounts, returns and refunds, reporting and more is all built right in.
  5. Stay Up to Date. If you also use my hosting service, everything is kept up to date, so no worrying about security patches and updates to WordPress and Woocommerce, you just focus on your business, I’ll keep everything else up to date.

Custom Woocommerce stores start at $5750, or “starter” options from $1499. See my pricing page for more details.


Here are just a few screenshots to show you how Woocommerce makes running an online store easy. And since Woocommerce is built on WordPress, it’s incredibly flexible and extendable. With hundreds of available plugins out there already though, you may be able to find what you want without the need for custom development.

screenshot of Woocommerce orders
Easily manage all of your customers’ orders from one place.
screenshot of Woocommerce products page
Create products, edit them, manage inventory, shipping, tax – everything you need to run a store online is built in!
screenshot of Woocommerce reports.
See your profits, what you’ve collected in taxes…and so much more thanks to the built in reporting features.
screenshot of Whiskey Jack example product layout
While this is just one of a plethora of options available for how your product’s might be displayed, with my service it’s always a pleasure for customers to shop.

Digital E-commerce

What if you’re only selling digital goods, like mp3s or PDFs or anything else that can be delivered via email? I can help with that as well, and a much discounted price. If you’re only selling digital goods, we can still create a beautiful store that handles all of the delivery via email, user accounts, the whole shebang minus all of the shipping and inventory stuff you won’t need. This can sometimes cost as little as $500. More typically, you’ll be looking at around $1000 extra to add it to a site I’ve already built (or for a new site we’re creating together), $1500 to add it to an existing site (running on WordPress), or around $6000 if you want me to create your entire site for you, from scratch and 100% tailored to your specific needs.

Simple Payments Online

Maybe you don’t need a store. Maybe you just want to be able to charge people a certain amount, or accept donations via PayPal. I can help with this as well, typically for under $250.

Just get in touch and tell me what your project is all about!