Who is Nathan Swartz?

Nathan Swartz and his son Winter.
Me and one of my four rugrats.

Just a fella who learned early that life was not about earning money, but spending time.

So after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, landing a job with PBS, and a couple months of living in England, I decided to craft my life, not just live it. That involved becoming a self-taught freelance web designer. You can see my web design portfolio here.

The process was simple and painless, and my site continues to thrive.

Dave Michels, TalkingPointz.com

I’ve been running a successful web design business ever since. In that time I’ve also visited every state, a few Canadian provinces, most of Mexico, and a few tropical islands here and there.

Three children, several years living in a VW Bus and a travel magazine followed.

So yeah, I love travel and web design. And sushi. And riding bikes. And my Lady, the beautiful mother of my children.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live the life I want, and love, because of my business. And my business does so well because I care about the people and companies I work with. Their success is my own, and I take that seriously.

I also have this blog where I discuss all things web design and development. I believe that being a web designer isn’t just about making money slapping sites together for anyone who’s willing to pay. Being a web designer is a responsibility. The web is a beautiful tool for gaining and disseminating knowledge, and just as we’d like to keep our libraries pristine, just as an architect and a general contractor wants to create the most beautiful structure they can, so do I believe that a web designer should work with his clients to ensure the same.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you for a minute.