Privacy Policy

This website does not intentionally gather any personally identifying information about visitors. The only personally identifying information that is collected is that which is supplied by you, such as when you enter your name and email address into a comment form or other form on the site. This site does log your IP address for the purposes of fighting SPAM when you complete these forms.

Additionally, this site utilizes Google Analytics, which collects information such as what browser you are using, your location based on your IP address, how long you hang around for and which pages you visit. None of this information is used to identify you as an individual, but rather to provide the website administrators with information to help them improve the site in general.

Should you require that your information be deleted, because you live in California, or the European Union, or any other body of governance who is trying to ruin the Internet, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to do so, though it may come with a snarky response like “If you’re so concerned about privacy, maybe don’t bother to add your info to my website in the first place, because I’m here providing a ton of free information and running a business and you, California, and the EU kinda suck lemons. Also, I hope you’ve deleted your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Snipsnap, Tweetskis, Flitter, Flickr, Flippr, ATM card, Bounty Quickerpickerupper and quit driving through stoplights before you bothered me, because no doubt you’re letting Big Brother spy on you every day, and I have zero interest in your personal info or life.”

Also note that if you have Facebook, Zoom, Google Maps, “Okay Google,” Google Nest, pretty much anything “Google” or Siri, Alexa or any other personal robot slave in your life, none of this matters, because they own you and your children in perpetuity, more or less.

Facebook App ID Privacy Terms

For clients who utilize a custom Facebook “Share” button, with APP ID 1211980222182879, ClickNathan — nor you as a client — doesn’t collect any of your or your users’ personal information. Any personally identifying information collected by Facebook is on them.