Details about

I created this site way back in 2003, mostly as a simple blog and a playground to practice my ever-evolving web design skills. Since then, it has become a full time business for me, this freelance Web Designing stuff. I’ve learned a lot along the way. You can use the links to the right to get even more specific details, but here’s the basics of what this site strives to achieve.


This site aims to be as accessible as possible on my part. I use alt attributes on my images, valid code, and more.

Privacy Policy

Basically, I collect some personally identifiable information, such as name and email address, but only when a user willing submits it (such as via the contact or comment forms). I collect some other non-personally identifiable, such as IP addresses of people using forms on the site, primarily for anti-SPAM reasons. I never SPAM or sell anyone’s email address, or any other info they might submit. Those are the basics, here’s the full legal details.

Site Map

I maintain a basic site map. Every post or piece of content available on this site may not be included, but if you’re the one guy out there who likes to peruse site maps, it should be more than adequate for you.

Web Standards

I’m all about web standards, and try and strive to meet full compatibility whenever possible. This site uses HTML5 and CSS3 at time though, both experimental technologies, so sometimes I may miss the mark.

In General, Though

Like a small town street corner bench on a hot day, this site aims to be a friendly place. It’s a front porch to play silly games on and a soap box to speak your mind. It’s an art gallery without the pretentious whispers and a marketplace without the pushy salesperson. I aim to make my site available to as many people as possible, and try and make it work no matter how they’re getting here. I also provide web design advice and tutorials, absolutely free of charge.