this and more

my old man had his old man and so on and so it goes
but did they wonder the way i wonder through struggle, toss and ropes
one bad heart and another bad heart and am i to follow suit?
being a man or a being a good man, i don’t want to have to choose

his old dad was a hard old man with a joke, a smile and broke
eleven kids and that wife of his loved the lord and the right hymnal note
well the good book says and so the pastor tells you
so it oughta be writ in stone
but if i know one thing, i know it all
and i never found god in what the bible wrote

momma says and dad he don’t agree, took his old dog for a walk
bloodshot eyes and shotgun goodbyes, poor dog didn’t have time to yelp
mom stuck me in a car and we drove until i fell asleep
when i woke up she had a different name and our house was on another street

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