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I have my feet at my side and my head is alright way way up high
I know my name but I can’t seem to fit in to how it implies
Should I go Kansas, should I go John Wayne
I have a list of laundry items I’ll never get to clean
I can say it’s sincere if it up and came from me
And if it helps to ease the soul then all the world can rest the blame on me
But for now I just had to get up and run from me
So I’ll give the Loneliest Highway some of my company

New York situations put a bustle in your heels
Or so I’ve heard, I’ve never been there
California skylines put a tan line in your eyes
But I didn’t care, I don’t really live that far from there

Sloppy and heated at best, I get dressed and undressed
Roll me into the springing up the Autumn sun
I just want you to love me and I want to love everyone

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