119 Species of Birds

I spent the day soaking up sunshine on Presque Isle while a coworker shot video of various frogs. Heat and steamy sweat sticking to my back and a world full of nature “preserved” around me.

I think it’s hilarious that these national parks have benches and trash cans and grills and pavilions and signs denoting the history of the place or what kind of tree you’re leaning against, then they say they’re “Just like being out into nature.”

I mean, I’m not against it in any way, I love them and they’re the perfect mesh of culture and mother earth, but “just like being in nature” well that’s a bit of a stretch.

Now onward for the final bike ride home of the week to slip into a tall cool bottle of wine and possibly wait for my fancy to call.

I’ve logged about 70 miles this week already, and plan on getting a few more in before Labor Day rains a tide of alcohol down over me.

La dee da and good day.

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