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The variety of emotions available within any given day is astounding. From groggy early sleep where I’m virtually without feeling, letting hot water roll over me to the lusty throws of longing for what is far away to the ho-hum doldrum of rocking back and forth and making certain that the people of Erie have quality graphics over their public broadcasts. Evening brings anticipation and anxiety and usually all wrapped up in a fuzzy little sock of smoking and tea and telephones.

Sleeping is a very valuable tool. Last night I had a dream, a short and simple one, all that happened was that the phone rang, I answered, froggy throat in the middle of the night, “Hello?” The immediate reply was from a subdued voice, and with a cooling breath she whispered “I love you,” and giant smiles ensued on both ends. Even as I type this, I’m not sure if it was a dream or if it happened, and it gives me a feeling like the understated talk of the Inuit about the Aurora Borealis or perhaps the way a businessman doesn’t bother to look out of an airplane window anymore for all of the times he’s flown from sea to shining sea. But for this very minute at least, I’m going to open up my pores and suck in exactly how wonderful so many things are in life, all of the miniscule and minor that is really quite miraculous.

Fingers and babies walking and snow and fireflies. Now, back to reality.

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