Rainy Days in a Three Part Conundrum

Weather Update: It’s raining today. Raining like it hasn’t since late August, and for Erie PA�a town that gets more rain per year on average than anywhere else in the country�that’s a long stretch of sunny days and like sprinkles.

But this morning, the watery glow is dripping all over everything, the crust orange leaves being knocked to the ground; streaking giant blobby drops all over my windows and sticking the last remnants of the flying summer insect world into the mud to keep them encapsulated until their miraculous rediscovery next spring.

Rain is in the air and love is in the rain, so shine up your shoes and let’s go gallivanting across the country.

Relocation Update: While my Nevada exposure is moving along at sluggish speeds, I have received words of general interest from an employer in Oregon. This would be ultra bonus as there is a particular little smile that I would love to sparkle under beneath those big coniferous redwoods, and I hear rumor of an old chum, aka Web-Star, planning to move there in the short term.

Teacher Search Usage Update: A report from my colleagues at PBS reveals that 70% of teachers use Google. 16% & 8% for Yahoo! and MSN, respectively. And I thought teachers were smart folk, apparently only 70% of them.

Hahha! is the last thing I wrote.

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