I’m Back in #000000

Thanks to Bob for the Title humour. Thanks to England for refreshing my opinions on the use of the letter “u” in words typically ending in “or” and thanks to Blogger for getting me back online after I haven’t been able to post for the last several days. And for my latest returning post:

Globalization and the Downtrodden Effects it Presents to Customer Service

Customer service and the perils of globalization…not due merely to the effects it may or may not have on slave labor in 3rd world countries or the decline of blue collar America…but the idea in general is just not accurately adjectived with the word “good.” Customer call centers in India, for those of us born and bred not only on the learnable, teachable English, but some other inane form of the language that has so many allusions, metaphors and blatantly atrocious slangings that it would be impossible for anyone not natively born with their parents blabbing it around them to learn it in its true current form.

Why then would we put a customer speaking a broken form of his own language on the end of a 5000 mile long wire and have him attempt to communicate with a support technician speaking a completely different and most likely unmastered version of that language?

Additionally, it is now revealed that the management in these countries is informing their employees to change their names to sound American or on the best way to sound like they’re from a Western country.

American Midwestern Linguistics 101 or How To Sound Like You’re A Cockney Barslag in 3 Easy Steps.

I suppose we were upset that the first group of “Indians” we wiped out wasn’t the real thing, and finally we’re getting around to getting it right this time.

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