The Resolution of the Human Eye

For those of you who have any idea as to what resolution is and how that affects the world, perhaps you would do well to stop and waste a few moments of your precious time on pondering the resolution of the human eye.

A 5 Megapixel Camera has the ability to hold 5 Million Pixels, which could be broken down in a number of ways I presume, like 2500pixels wide by 2000pixels high. If you know how to find the area of a rectangle, you can look at these numbers and figure out how that works.

But that’s really a very low resolution when considering that the resolution of 35mm film has been reported to be 20 million pixels, far surpassing any camera I’ve ever seen. (Well, that would be a 20 Megapixel camera.) 35mm film, the type you’d pull from an old school analog camera and have developed by a professional in a dark room, is a very different medium than a digital image. According to the article linked here, a digital camera has a broader range of color spectrum, or at least a more accurate one, than does old school analog film, but if you really stop to think about it, what is more accurate, a computer that has been programmed by the human mind or an eyeball that has developed via your own particular favorite means of creation (ie God, evolution, alien transplant, etc)? I’m not implying which one is better here, mind you, but genuinely asking.

Anyway, all of this hooplah is just a precursor to set up the title of this very blog, what, pray tell, is the resolution of the human eye? I would assume that it is not infinite, as I once thought that 35mm film might be, for it’s analog capture and all, or at least near infinite. Now I’m thinking more along the lines that if the human eye’s resolution was infinite, and the world was flat and went on for eternity, that we could see “forever” into the horizon of such a mythical land. Since I can’t see to the edge of the horizon as it stands now, I’ll abandon that theory in pursuit of the truly truth.

Because as we all know it, the truth is out there.

And without truth, their can be no lies.

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