various lines of words about something

I made a basket out of fruit, twine and time
Hung it out for the flies
The swirled round and the maggots divide
We all love to multiply

You wear your t-shirts with your favorite flag
Proud of the places you were born
And then you point and laugh at anyone who can’t afford
A t-shirt with a flag as colorful as yours

Telling me how I think this and do that
You haven’t even asked my name
I reach out to introduce myself and shake hands
But names get lost in the sound of the train
And we just tunnel out the lights and I feel ashamed
But I suspect we wouldn’t have remembered anyway

“A great injustice is being done somewhere,” you said
And took your picket to the line
You shout out loud, “Hey look at us, we’re talking out loud”
To all the people driving by
You stand in the street and block the way through
Keeping the people from work
As if pissing off your fellow man
Will make your leaders hearts heavy enough to hurt
And so many contradictions we all must hide behind
Vegan plates and leather shoes
What comforts will you trade to keep up your standard of life?
In some god’s name you pick and choose

You put out of your mind that your parents were poor
And you pick the pockets of the neon lines
A Mr. Anyone comes begging at your door
Point and click at the no vacancy sign

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