Almost Six Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Presumptuous as I may be, in recent months I’ve discovered a few secrets to living an easier life. As with all things in life, this advice is to be taken or left depending on your own point of view and will only be as effective as you are.

  1. Be your own boss. For me, not having a boss means not having a job (simple statement, not so easy to procure in your own life perhaps). You may be able to figure a way out to keep your job and eliminate your boss, I don’t know. Either way, once you don’t have a boss, you don’t have any implied obligations (other than those you impose on yourself.) Subtract obligation from your life and you suddenly have more time to sip tea, lay in the grass, and work on your combover.
  2. Make your own stuff. The more stuff you make, the less money you have to spend. Make dinner, make iced tea, make candles, make clothes. This step makes it alot more realistic for step 1 to succeed.
  3. Barter. Trading things is great, not only because it’s another money-eliminator (think of money as the middle man, and everyone wants to eliminate the middle man), but because it means you’ll have more personal stuff / services, you’ll get to know the person providing it, and general smiling should ensue.
  4. Escape. Take a walk every day through the park. Buy a bike and ride it across your state. Go sleep under a tree for a week. Getting away from the “Real world” is a super secret way that can make you appreciate how easy life is, relatively. We, the people, have no predators (save for a few tigers in India), and therefore all we really need to do to exist is find a warm rock to lay on and a bush full of nuts and berries to eat. It’s only because we want to play the latest version of Halo and drive around in cars without roofs and be able to tell the time by looking at diamond encrusted counters that any of the stress and tedium exists.
  5. Think, drink and be merry. Stop watching daytime TV, turn your head away from the screen when commercials come on (and cancel your cable subscription while you’re at it.), quit hanging out with those screaming morons who think it’s fun to light toads on fire, and never buy a ticket to a movie based on the life of a teenage girl full of angst again. Instead, buy a six pack, find some friends who are smarter than you, and pick their brains. Then go home, think about what was said and draw conclusions. Excellent.

Signing out,

Mr. Know It All

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