Dealing in Narchees

Fruit has never been my scene. There’s something about the presumptuous nature of apples and oranges always forcing people to draw upon them for comparisons that I haven’t agreed with, and in a more reality-based user experience, I don’t like the texture of fruit.

As much as I desperately hate to admit it, for most of my life I have been attracted to processed food. The idea of my nourishment coming in perfectly formed packets that always look the same…well, I like that. And fruit, my friends, does not fit into that mold.

However, in my aging wisdom and adventurous freelance lifestyle, I have been trying new things. Dried apricots and mangos were just the beginning, and soon I was devouring avocados by the basket full, and now I’m hip to tangerines (which Olivia claims are referred to as narchees in her bushy southern jungle nation), easily going through a half dozen a day.

So what’s the point? Sorry, no meaningful point today (consider it a punishment for the lack of commentary in my previous few posts) however, if anyone knows of any fruit that isn’t furry, overly squishy, or laced with annoying seeds that need spat out, please, do tell…

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