Happiness, a Key

Some insides of treasure boxes
Shine keyhole out and out
Doing what they can to keep their message round the bouts
Everyone should know it
It’s free for anyone to see
But instead of staring into the keyhole they just blocked the light out with the key

The point of all this running around our big spinning globe
Isn’t to get all the way to the other side
There’s not much difference whether where you’re standing has you pointed up or down
It’s the time we take to get there, it’s the time, it’s the time

A turned a lock picks corner
Lifted up the lid
Stuck my head inside for seeing whatever the treasure box hid
It wasn’t quite as shiny
Looking directly at the lighted lit
But everyone knows that giving up the question for the answer, well, it never is
Yeah asking the question is the point anyway
But we’re all too full of wanting answers to take the time to wait

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