Allegheny County Smoking Ban – Exceptions

So I’ve been reading the Codified Smoking Ban with Amendments found at the Office of the Allegheny County Council’s website. The smoking ban, to my knowledge, is still slated to go into effect in early April. [Update: The tentative date has now been put back to sometime this summer.] It was originally to have gone into effect as early as January 2007, but was delayed due to (excellently awesome?) legal reasons.

Basically, anywhere that employees work or the public gathers inside of a closed room (defined as being completely enclosed by walls and a ceiling, other than passageways or doors) is going to be smoke free. Except for the following:

  • In a specialty tobacco establishment, such as a hookah bar.
  • Hotels can have 25% of their rooms designated as Smoking Rooms.
  • In your own home (how nice of them.)
  • In drinking establishments opened prior to September 26, 2006 (when the law was first put in motion), provided that:
    • They meet the requirements for a “drinking establishment” (no more than 10% of their revenue comes from food and they have no more than 10 employees, basically).
    • No one under the age of 18 is in the place.
    • The establishment gets a “permit” from the county to allow smoking, and displays it prominently.

Also, there’s a clause in there that states that all of those “smoking permits” expire in 2009.

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