Deducing the Human Race: An Evaluation for all Times

What if we’re a filthy, evil, cruel human race?

What if Zeus and the Olympians and gods of all of the old countries were real? Maybe they were just aliens from other planets. I mean, what’s so crazy about that? Let’s say an alien shows up one day (and remember, gods almost always live in the sky), pops down from the clouds, and starts firing laser beams for some reason. Maybe he’s just running a harmless diagnostic on the breathability of the air or maybe he just likes to shoot at hemlock trees, either way, it looks like a guy throwing lightning. If you had no word for it because you’d never heard of lasers before, you’d probably call it lightning too. I mean hell, I even called it a laser, even though I knew it wasn’t (you know, since I’m the one making up history and all) so…

I think I’ve made my point.

And another thing, maybe we just haven’t seen any aliens in the past 2 or 3 centuries because of the size of the universe, and realistically, even Picard, captain of the mightiest ship in the Federation (in all of space, some would say) rarely gets around to going back to Riza. Or maybe it’s just that we were dicks. We slaughtered them all into the ground after they were nice enough to build a few pyramids for us.

And nymphs. And Pan. And forest jockies, good hope they exist.

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