Savage Weaponry

I heard Patrick Stewart, as narrator of a show called Dragons: Fantasy Made Real, where they detail the evolutionary history of mythical dragons, talk about swords as savage weaponry. The previous show was about HG Wells and Jules Vern, where they had mentioned how Wells thought that our moral evolution was falling greatly behind our technological advancement, so that while we got the ability to make machine guns and bomber jets and nuclear bombs, we weren’t realizing that they shouldn’t be used.

These two ideas together have me thinking that there should be two requirements to war.

1. Anyone who starts the war should have to lead the army into it. So no more Presidents sitting in White Houses sending young boys off to die, but more medieval/Roman style leaders who are at the front of their packs, fighting and dying with them.
2. Only weapons that require you to see the death of another person face to face should be allowed to be used. Sniper rifles and bombs dropped from airplanes don’t cut it. If you kill a person with a sword and have to watch their eyes well up and die out, you’re much more likely to take it more seriously and see the weight of what you’ve done.

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