Top 10 Line Rider Videos

These are, in my opinion, the best Line Rider videos out there. Of course, watching every possible Line Rider video out there would be more difficult than watching every episode of the Simpsons frame by frame while eating pop rocks and drinking soda on the moon. I’m sure many avid Line Riding fans would disagree with me, and please do feel free to do so in the comments – I’m always up for seeing more amazingly time wasting action!

10. Superspeed

9. Long Jump

Short, sweet and backgrounds…

8. Carnival

Okay so just because you can play guitar, doesn’t mean that you should…still:

7. Tiki Caverns

Long and drawn out (no pun intended…okay, maybe a little) but very well done.

6. Jagged Peak Adventure

5. Line Rider at its Best

4. Linerider skatepark

Sk8boarding 4-ever, yo…

3. Urban Run

2. Crazy Town

Perfect in every way…

1. Ding!

This is easily my favorite, such a creative ending.

And if you dug that check out Ding 2, which didn’t make the list perhaps due to the annoying music, and I mean it’s so very annoying…

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