How to Get Free 411 Calls: Goog 411

Google has had a text message-based search for awhile now, and they’ve recently revealed a voice option for all of your 411 needs now as well (and in traditional Google style of 100% free).

Since you’ll be using your cell phone, and that typically means using up minutes, it isn’t necessarily 100% free, but it beats teh $1.40 that Sprint charges me now.

How to Get Free 411 Calls with Google

  1. Simply dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411)
  2. A recorded voice (after assuring you that the call will be recorded) asks you for the city and state
  3. You’re then taken through a short and simple (and automated) process, no humans involved and pain free

I was connected to all three businesses that I tried without failure.

How to Search for Local Businesses with Google on your Mobile Phone

Alternatively, you can text Google at GOOGL (46645) to find local businesses using the following formula: business name or type.ZIP Code. Here are a few examples:

Bar Jr.15943

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