My Super Audio System

So I’m no megaAudioPhile or anything. I don’t require the bass-inest tweeters or the tweet-iest boombox. I can’t tell the difference between audio quality in an mp3 vs. a CD, and I’ve only ever, accidentally, owned one vinyl record. But I do enjoy listening to music and not necessarily from any particular room.

So here’s our setup. In our kitchen, I’ve got a set of speakers plugged into an Airport Express station, which is basically just an extension of our router. Via that I can play all of my music directly from iTunes into those speakers. So my computer can be sitting anywhere in our house and the music comes out of either my computer’s speakers, the speakers in the kitchen, or both.

From anywhere on the first floor you can hear the kitchen speakers, including the back porch where most of the loud music/drinking goes on. Additionally, I can either use the little remote Apple sent with my MacBook or I can now use my iPhone thanks to this handy app. That makes me happy because I don’t typically just carry around the Apple Remote as I wander through the house, but my phone is typically in my pocket. A phone call comes in, I just mute the music and chat it up.


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