Do you have what it takes to join the Swedish Army?

Swedish Military SymbolWhile I can’t imagine why the Swedes would ever need an army, perhaps the looming threat of an invasion from the North Pole or too much reefer smoke wafting up from Amsterdam, you too can now find out if you’ve got the gusto to join one of Northern Europe’s least relevant military factions.

Regardless of above sarcasm, this is an interesting little Flash game that tests various abilities like memory, concentration and spacial recognition. I’d recommend putting headphones on (the site requires sound) as they suggest, but you can get by with just having speakers if necessary.

I’ll post my scores in the full post for those of you love a good competition.

My test results from the Swedish Military Training Excersize

Apparently I’d make a better soldier than your average Swede. And don’t let the results below fool you with their curved hump, that’s just saying that most trainees get less than 20, while I achieved ~26. Let’s just say if those bastards ever invade Western Pennsylvania they’ll have to deal with a level of square forming and cross balancing they’ve never been prepared for…

More of my test results from the Swedish Military Training Excersize

And for those of you who made it this far, a surprise! Check out the story behind the Swedish Army’s logo, seen above. The lion, as pictured, used to have a penis but “females” decided that male lions should not have penises, and so successfully had him castrated. Another reason their petty army couldn’t even beat us at eggs!

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