iTunes Should Manage Pictures

On a Mac, iTunes should manage pictures as it manages your music, video, and podcasts. Perhaps just integrate iPhoto into iTunes and ditch the other application altogether. It’s incredibly annoying that everytime I plug my phone in it opens iPhoto and asks me to import my pictures, not only because it tries to import every single picture every single time, instead of just knowing what the new pics are, but also because, well…what’s the point? iTunes is supposed to be a music player, but as it can handle PDFs (typically for enhanced albums that come with some artwork) and all types of movies, it’s basically just one step away from being able to load up a bunch of jpegs.

Not to mention that if you don’t manually import your photos to iPhoto from your iPhone, and anything goes wrong (say, you find yourself in the Allegheny River), your iPhone backups don’t contain those pictures. They’re just lost to the murky depths of Pittsburghian riverbeds.

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