History, Time and Peoples Evidenced

Apparently, Aristotle said:

Those who live in a cold climate and in Europe are full of spirit, but wanting in intelligence and skill; and therefore they retain comparative freedom, but have no political organisation, and are incapable of ruling over others. Whereas the natives of Asia are intelligent and inventive, but they are wanting in spirit, and therefore they are always in a state of subjection and slavery.

I find that incredibly fascinating, to see the insight of this impossibly important original thinker from who’s teachings we’ve based a large chunk of our modern society on, to be representing Europe, and himself perhaps, as lacking in intelligence and skill…without political organization, and incapable of ruling over others….it seems so foreign to me, seeing white people as having clearly established quite a large rule over the world, being pretty damned good – if not downright over the top – with political organization issues, and certainly obsessed with a gathering of knowledge for gathering knowledges sake (as opposed to for wisdom’s sake).

There are modes you could draw about the lovin’ on the freedom stuff and being full of spirit, which I might, even wrongfully, assume that any human would like to hear about themselves, but I’m just incredibly interested in how a perspective can change over a few thousand years.

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