The Kingsley Association

I recently stumbled upon the Kingsley Association, or rather was referred to it by Anna Dubrovsky of Anywhere but a Cubicle. For my purposes, I was looking for a swimming pool that I could frequent to get some exercise while it’s still too cold for bike riding. My expectations weren’t all that high, really having no idea what to expect at all, but when I arrived I was blown away. I have no idea what all my new membership with the Kingsley Association entails (though I think there is a gym and basketball courts in the facility as well), I can tell you that it has a world class swimming pool. Pristine bathrooms and showers, where cleanliness is concerned, and a very large pool, I would imagine Olympic-sized might even be an accurate description.

I swam for almost an hour, which was about all my sadly out of shape muscles could manage, showered up and left. Everyone there was incredibly nice and helpful, from the receptionist to the office workers to the lifeguards. I just can’t say enough good great things about this place, and I would highly encourage anyone looking for regular access to a swimming pool, and possibly even a gym, to look into it, as membership is only $100 / year (also available for $25 / three months, which I opted for.)

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