Tristan Daviding, a Coming of Age

This site used to readily feature the wisdom of my young son, Tristan David. In his early youth, and we’re talking light-socket curious young through pre-school, he would oft have epiphanies, realizations that though his brain could process, would often come out in the cute kids-say-the-darndest things sort of way that only a bobble-headed youth’s language could muster.

As he has progressed into kindergarten and readies himself for the 1st Grade, however, his thoughts are often decently more complex, certainly less adorably elaborated and probably often focused on more internally than otherwise. However, today he made several remarks which I found compelled to share.

Why does it seem like everyone around here is a different color?

He asked me this while looking out the window of Eat Unique, formerly the Craig Street Deli, as Oakland’s assortment of Indian and Asian peoples made their ways home from school or work. It took me a moment to process the statement, since he’s certainly not lacking in exposure to other races and I just don’t associate his voice and the word “color” with race, but then I took a double take and just as I was about to ask him what he meant…

Yeah, well, everyone looks like the people who try out for Ninja Warrior.

I just had to laugh to myself, wondering what sorts of concepts go through a young boy’s mind when he begins to notice the differences between Asians and the more Western version of white skin.

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