Building Your Own Political Party

The world is great. We’ve got an atmosphere, gravity and Country Time Lemonade. If that’s not enough to float your boat, consider skydiving, scuba diving, or dumpster diving. Between the three, one will surely have you walking Jesus-like, dancing up the waves and making fishers of men in no time.

However, one thing that isn’t so great is power. Leaders have power. Leaders are often good people, when they begin to lead. But once they’re followed, they begin to get power and power corrupts. It’s unfortunate. The good thing is, that eventually — typically when absolute power is being corrupted absolutely — the people will demand change. Maybe George W. Bush is that absolute evil and Barack Obama is that coming change. He certainly claims to be in his logo and tagline.

If I were to start my own political party, which I am, it would hold four simple truths…

  1. Less government control over people’s lives. This ranges from silly laws like telling people what they can or can’t put into their bodies to more serious aggravations such as tapping our phones.
  2. Less social programs. With the first statement comes the second, and I don’t believe we need to be spending as much as we do on giving people something for nothing. Notice I haven’t said “No social programs”, just less. Let’s just say that if you’re on welfare and have three kids, popping another one out isn’t going to get you another $50 / month. I truly believe in Darwinism and feel that if someone can’t sustain themselves, and certainly if they’re not even trying, then they aren’t fit to survive in our nature.
  3. The military is only for defense. If someone doesn’t attack us or one of our allies, we don’t attack them. The end. There are grey areas, you think? I’m sure there are, but it’s not the United States’ job or right to determine who is the good or bad guy in the world courts.
  4. Provide real avenues for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Capitalism is great. It affords the possibility for the American dream to come true, at least that dream which entails making something for yourself out of nothing. However, all too often it results in a different reality: one where the rich profit by working their underlings more. More vacation, greater rights to explore our country (via relaxing immigration laws and passport requirements), and a general promotion in the arts which has been all but exhausted from every aspect of our primary culture (hard-pressed would you be to find original art which hasn’t come from the counter-culture in the past 50 years).

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