Lusty Highway Desires, pt. 2

What many of my fellows can’t or won’t — or do but don’t admit to it — understand about life is that the single difference between a life of love handles licking couch cushions to the tune of Jerry Springer reruns and something more cowboy, more Kerouacian, is simply a single second of acting on a decision. If you’ve ever been at the edge of a bridge and watching your friends jump in, you realize that it isn’t a fool’s errand to jump from a bridge when his friends say so, but it’s the fool who didn’t jump first. Every second spent looking down over at the riverbed below is one more second piling up the unlikelihood of you ever making it free of the safety and burden of keeping yourself continuously perched in gravity.

It’s the man who takes the chance when it’s presented who lives a full life. Anything else is an unholy waste of your God’s good gift.

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