Lusty Highway Desires, pt. 3

A lot in this world takes preparation, which is as unfortunate as missing out on the stars to live in the city is, or how difficult it can be to enjoy midnight and sunrise concurrently. With all of the beauty available right at this moment, the frailness of our body’s need for food, sleep and this new sustenance — money — I can only wish that spontaneity hadn’t been capitalized by the ugly waver of modern security.

But it’s a reality, and as such must be dealt with swiftly and with the uttermost punishment: capital. Only through striking down your fear of death, sickness and homelessness can you a human being possibly realize what it means to be as free and young as all great cliches, bird, wind or the Earth in orbit. None of those things contemplates their likelihood of defeat. Through all the hell of seasons, the bird simply migrates up and down continents to satisfy its need and birthright to motion. The Earth would rather suffer meteor showers and solar radiation than to pause for a moment in its never-ending orbit, and thank great Gaea that it feels that way or we would all be the victims of a solar slingshot.

What I implore is simple: if it’s only the need for food and shelter, or the fear of foreign disease without health insurance which is keeping you from keeping yourself untethered to your mailbox, by all means, put on a pair of decent shoes and move.

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