Everyone knows that global warming isn’t real, that trees are made for chopping, and anyone who says otherwise is a bleeding heart hippie asshole. This world has two realities: war makes money and refer to reality number one.

Anything fantastical, dinosaurs, sea creatures, saber-toothed tigers, they’re all of the past, no longer relevant and such things could not exist today. Why is that? Because natural evolution pushed out any animals which were naturally a threat to humans, not because of some pre-ordained right that humans have to rule the world, but for other reasons, creating the conditions that were right for humans to thrive, perhaps? Or is it simply that humans, whether white skinned conquerors or native savages, are always too stupid to realize how to live with nature and not just suck it bone dry.

Just 400 years ago the Elephant Bird, 3 feet taller and 700 pounds heavier than an ostrich, lived on Madagascar. That’s a bird large enough to ride. Or the Giant Fruit Bat, with a wingspan of 5 feet. Imagine that, it could completely wrap you up in its wings. The bluebuck was hunted to extinction, even though it’s meat apparently didn’t even taste good. The quagga, similar to a zebra, shows how many different species of similar animals we have that might still be available to the world.

In fact, since 1500, between 735 and 919 different animals have gone extinct. That’s over 700 types of things that you’ll never get to see, because humans before us decided they have the right to destroy things when they choose. Because humanity, at least in the cultural I’ve grown up inside, holds such ridiculous statures of grandeur. Consider the typical attitude toward vegetarians that many meat eaters have, that anything short of a bloody pig or fat soaked cow is not fit for a man to eat. A typical breakfast, an ideal breakfast, consists of sausage, bacon and eggs. Not a single vegetable or fruit. Just animal. Thank god these types of people are breeding themselves out of existence, dying from heart attacks more and more every year, getting fatter, less attractive, unable to reproduce earlier and earlier.

Like any animal that can’t adapt, like all big predators caught in a changing environment, maybe humans will part of the ever increasing number of extinctions.

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