The Old McCain vs. the McCain We See on the Campaign Trail

I hear a lot of talk about how John McCain was once a great man, a bipartisan maverick (as though he was a GI Joe character), and how he bucked the system, went against Bush in the early years of W’s evil empirical reign.

Apparently, John McCain once stood up for what he believed in. Apparently, John McCain’s attitude toward politics used to be a noble one where he fought for what he saw as being best for his constituency, even when it was unpopular among the rest of his fatcat party. Apparently, this is why John McCain has never successfully made it as far as he has now: the Republican Presidential Nominee.

John McCain is said to have changed his style so that he was more palatable to the majority of the big wig Republicans. He apparently represented a younger Republican party in those days, more concerned about health care than the size of government, among other things, but the young people don’t run the world, the young people don’t run Washington, DC. So, in his pursuit of the presidency, John McCain changed his tune to one that was pleasing on the big player’s ears, and that allowed him to make it this far.

Now people are saying that the problem he’s facing now, so far behind in the polls, is that America is looking for change. And running a smear campaign full of lies and broad statements about Joe Six Pack and his buddy the plumber isn’t exactly change. The media is saying how the old John McCain wouldn’t have done this, that he is being constricted by the new persona he’s created for himself.

Well, John McCain, here’s the reality. If you had to change yourself to win over your party, then you are already a failure. Your 30 years of experience count for exactly one steaming pile of rancid pudding if you’ve changed your policies in the last 2 years. That means you now have 2 years of experience, because you’re starting from scratch. Not to mention that you were facetious to your own party, pretending to be something you’re not — transforming yourself from a stalwart maverick to another backhanded disciple of Carl Rove-style politicks — just to get further up the ladder. So you’ve already lied to yourself, your party, and to the American people. There is very little else you can do to make yourself more like George W. Bush. Wait, I take that back, at least Bush believed in the horror and terror he inflicts on this world, you can’t even say that you believe in yourself.

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